In 2005, I presented a solo exhibition in the large Hamburg artists-run gallery Westwerk. Since I mostly take photographs en route and without premeditation, my eye caught off-guard by something that intrigues me or drawn in by a mood that briefly puts me off balance, I wanted the exhibition to feel like a serendipitous walk through an invented landscape of such moods and moments of unaccountable visual arousal.

     I kept the »itinery« of my casual pictorial narrative to a simple and geometric line without beginning or end. Maybe like the fragment of a musical score,


Exhibition card for Love Walk


At occasional spots along the walk's path you run into small chord-like clusters, diversions or distractions from the tune’s baseline. I showed altogether 75 photographs in two formats, 30 x 45 or 40 x 60 cm (horizontal/vertical), all c-prints on paper, unframed.

     The exhibition title stems from a street sign I encountered in Camberwell in south London. The dubious charm of the name for this short, almost forgotten lane was emphasised by the black rubbish bags carelessly dumped on the pavement around the sign. The picture was also the motif for my invitation card.



View of one section of the »Love Walk« in the exhibition