I selected an arrangement of paired works for the group exhibition »Fermata« shown in October 2017 in Vienna, hosted by the independent art space Flat 1 under the arches of a railway line.

     The show looked at ways of decelerating the increasingly manic pace of our lives, of taking a deeper, slower look at the world around us. Entr'acte presents a series of juxtapositions joining seemingly unrelated images across blind spots or lacunae suggesting a significant missing element. I was slowing down the film, as it were, framing snippets of lost footage or featuring the haitus of the black bar separating two frames. I took the photos in various places, in Aarhus and Odder in Denmark, in Kiel and Berlin, in Paris, in and around Montpellier,  in a village in deep rural France, on an island in the Azores and on a ferry taking me to the Italian island of Elba.



I showed 12 of the 14 photographs in this ensemble. The exhibition »Fermata« also featured other artists from Hamburg including Viola Kiefner, Carsten Rabe, Olivia von Pock and Albrecht Hausotter, all from the Hamburg artists group Westwerk.