Participation in a group exhibition with other Westwerk artists in the gallery space MOM in Hamburg's Gängeviertel in March 2024. The show's title Fluchtort speaks of sanctuary, the promise of refuge, a place of shelter, a theme of urgent topicality in the light of current conflicts so close to our ostensibly secure, stable world.


   The four very dark, ambiguous images I contributed signal a vanishing point towards which any hopes of refuge from the present gravitate. What you can expect once you leave the place you are seeking to flee from is fully unknown: all you can do is follow the path of light into fathomless darkness.

   Two of the four images (Escada, 2016/2024, and Cypress Spot (2021) measure 110 x 82,5 cm, the smaller couple (Night Fence Beaussac, 2016, and Stone Steps Pezenas, 2019) are just 40 x 30 cm.

(Seen here together with works by Peter Boué (b/w drawing) and Rupprecht Matthies  (mobile "Love")