In 2013 I showed work in a joint exhibition at the Hamburg artist-run space Frappant with Jürgen Brockmann (painting), Britta Lembke (painting) and Volker Behrendt Peter (works in wax).

     For this large venue I assembled photographs from a longish period, stretching back to earlier visits to New York in the early 2000s and Morocco. Also included were pictures taken in Venezuela in 2012 and 2013, in Usedom on the Baltic coast in northeastern Germany, in Hamburg, in Paris and various other places around France.

     I was interested in exploring different associations prompted by arranging the photographs in a cloud-like form, offering various narrative lines crisscrossing the wall. I also varied the formats and the manner of their hanging – from being mounted in frames or casually suspended with clips, to being raised at a small distance from the wall with magnets.

     In addition, I alternated between powdery inkjet prints and hard glossy c-prints, with and without white surrounds. I wanted to give the images different forms of material appearance, breaking up the sameness of surface texture and effect familiar from most photographic shows. As with our personal recollections, images stand out, hover or recede in a variety of ways. There is no rule saying how something lodges itself in your mind from an experience, marginal or significant, dating back several years.

     The effect of the eccentric geometry on two of the walls was to suggest a syntax and partial sentence structures with discrete and private connotations that might nonetheless feel surprisingly familiar and intimate to viewers. Where the open-ended story begins and where it is leading, or even if it is just a single story thread was not at all obvious – maybe these are just a jumble of simultaneous dialogues whispered between images,  forms and the colours of the walls.