In 2013, on my second visit to the Velada Santa Lucia,  the thirteenth and final edition of this amazing annual arts event in Maracaíbo in Venezuela, I curated a programme of artists’ films, calling it the Last German Picture Show. Thematic thread for their selection were various framings of urban life and notions of perceived time. Motto for the programme was »Velocity / Intercity«, as in Hamburg to Maracaibo. It included two short films I shot the previous year in Chuao, a remote, sleepy coastal village on the Venezuelan coast: »Trop Caché« and »Framed« try to convey a sense of  immersion in almost motionless time.

     The looped film programme screened for three nights in the living room of a private house in the »Calle del Arte« in Santa Lucia, a poor working-class district of Maracaíbo, also included videos by  Hamburg artists Josephin Böttger, Thorsten Tenberken, Jürgen Brockmann, Sylvia Schultes and Bertolt Hering.

















Stills from »Framed«, 2012, 7:32 min

(edit: Jürgen Brockmann)